13 Questions Around Jazz is multimedia project of photo, video and music born with the purpose to celebrate the New York Jazz Scene in the beginning of the century.

In 2011 Salvatore Corso put into work an idea he had nurtured for a while: photographing jazz musicians gravitating around New York City in an off-stage environment, but still related to their music activities.  He went to their home and took their pictures in their daily lives. In addition to photographing, he asked them 13 questions, about jazz and about life. To each one of them he asked the same questions.

After one year of work, Salvatore had met and photographed a few dozens artists, who had been influenced by Sonny Rollins, Chick Corea, Al Grey; and who had played with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Sting, Ray Charles, Tony Bennet.

A few years later, Salvatore met Gigi D'Errico, who deals with music and productions in Japan.

Gigi's experience includes working with Italian artists of international interest such as Ludovico Einaudi and Stefano Bollani; in addition, he is one who plays 280/300 gigs a year. Gigi is one who knows the industry.

Gigi becomes interested in Salvatore's project, and together they decide to give it a new direction, by collecting and publish on vinyl, along with the printed images, the most representative songs of the artists involved in the project. A product reserved for a niche audience, who may want to sip their favorite drinks, while being lulled by the notes of the most contemporary New York jazz music.

Our project was born, and after about a year of sedimentation the volume 1 will finally see the light in May of 2018, and will include a group of 8 artists, selected with the only criteria of the space available on a vinyl.

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